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Torque Rod Bolt

Quality Torque Rod Bolt Manufacturers in China


Welle is a sophisticated manufacturer of metal products such as shafts, rods, valves, and nozzles. We have more than 200 sets of equipment that we use to make a gear shaft.

We are an ISO-certified manufacturer with advanced fabrication facilities and cutting-edge technologies. Being among the high-end torque rod bolt manufacturers in China, we have completed 500+ projects and have 50+ business partners.


What Sets Our Torqc ue Rod Bolt Apart?

Advanced Forging Process

At Welle, we use an advanced forging process instead of the traditional casting process. Our advanced forging process helps us with producing high-strength rods, shafts, bolts, etc.

Quality Assurance

We, an ISO certified manufacturer, our Quality is what set our customers apart from the other competitors. No product with even a minor error passes through our Quality Control department.

Innovative Technology

The leading torque rod bolt manufacturers like us use the most cutting-edge technology to produce the most unique and latest designs for you. Innovation is the key to our customer’s success.

Strong Business Relationships

Due to our broad knowledge and experience, we never fail to fulfill all the requirements of our customers. Through our revolutionary solutions, we turn a one-time customer into a regular one. Welle’s customers are more like a family than a business.

Jinan Welle Metal assures you a competitive edge in the market. Our customers are the main fuel for Welle’s business engine. Our superior quality and customer service also keep us among the well-known idler shaft manufacturers. Our expertise includes bolts, nozzles, etc.