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April 14, 2022
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May 16, 2022

Extrusion Pins

Leading Precision Extrusion Pins Manufacturer


Are you unsatisfied with low-quality or non-lasting precision extrusion pins from inferior manufacturers? If yes, then give one more try by ordering us as we provide the best quality products to our clients.

Jinan Welle Metal Products Co., Ltd is one of the desirable Chinese manufacturers of precision extrusion pins. For small to large-scale businesses, our quality and longevity make us unique and desired.


Why Choose Us?

Budget-Friendly Pricing:

When compared to traditional chucks, our precision extrusion pins , and guide pin bushings are less expensive. You can get top-notch benefits in the most advanced way when you gain extrusion pins from any of the professional manufacturers.

Processes And Policies for Quality:

We consistently follow a streamlined quality procedure that ensures our clients receive measurable corporate benefits. Apart from vigilance and human intelligence, we use a variety of testing techniques with the best gear to ensure that our precision extrusion pins deliveries are error-free.

Technology On The Groundbreaking:

Our innovative technology capabilities, along with a sound production setup, can meet your demanding delivery deadlines while maintaining the highest quality standards. You may outperform your competitors and get loyal customers by using our technology-based goods.


What Makes Us Unique?


The cornerstone of our brand is quality. As one of the extrusion pins manufacturers, we only bring the highest quality goods. We realize the promised benefits and ensure a continuing and win-win in-depth partnership with buyers by focusing on quality.


We are on the lookout for new ideas. We create new ways to make precision extrusion pins with optimum efficiency using an innovative technique. If we are to endure for a long time, we believe that only fresh techniques and approaches will suffice.

Qualified workforce:

We only hire seasoned and professional employees who keep us going forward. Our personnel is one reason we can maintain our position as a leading manufacturer in China.