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January 21, 2022
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Idler Shaft Manufacturers

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Advanced Quality Idler Shaft Manufacturers


WELLE has been dedicated to providing our customers with top quality metal parts. We have factories with teams for scientific research, trading, and manufacturing. We are a supplier of rods, shafts, valve fittings, connectors, and other industrial products.

We are one of the large-scale idler shaft manufacturers in China. We have been manufacturing shafts for more than 12 years now. We export 95 % of our products to over 15 countries. Our services include supply chain management, kitting/assembly, and inventory management.


What Sets Our Idler Shafts Apart?

Advanced Product Research

We have an agile, passionate, and dedicated team of researchers and designers for the development of idler shafts. Being in the shaft manufacturing industry, we are also among the leading pin shaft manufacturers, power transmission shafts, and looper spare parts.

Reasonable Price

Our customers are our priority, thus we make sure to give them the finest-grade quality products at competitive market prices.

Product Quality

WELLE guarantees high product quality because of the adoption of effective measures. We have a Quality Control team that uses quality inspection equipment to regularly check and keep the quality record.

New Technology

As one of the leading shaft manufacturers in China, we have new and the most advanced technology to research and manufacture our products. Our advanced technology helps us to make unique design products.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We have a strong relationship with our customers and we are very excited to serve you and enjoy mutual success. Let us help you lead the market.