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Cold heading parts
Cold heading (extrusion) belongs to the category of metal pressure processing. In production, an external force is applied to the metal at room temperature to form the metal in a predetermined mold. This method is usually called cold heading.

Cold heading (extrusion) has many advantages and is suitable for the mass production of fasteners and heterogeneous structural parts. The main advantages are summarized in the following aspects:

a. High raw material utilization rate
Cold heading (extrusion) is a processing method with less and no cutting. For example, when using turning technology to process hexagon head bolts and cylindrical head hexagon socket screws, the utilization rate of steel is only 25% to 35%, while the cold heading (extrusion) method is used, The utilization rate of steel can be as high as 85%-95%.

b. High productivity
Compared with conventional cutting processing, the efficiency of cold heading (extrusion) forming is several dozen times higher.

c. Good mechanical properties
The parts are processed by the cold heading (extrusion) method because the metal fiber is not cut, the strength is much superior to that of the cutting process.

d. Suitable for automatic production
Fasteners suitable for cold heading (extrusion) production (including some special-shaped parts) are basically symmetrical parts, suitable for high-speed automatic cold heading machine production, and are also the main method for mass production.

The cold heading (extrusion) process is a processing method with very high comprehensive economic benefits. It is a processing method commonly used in the fastener industry. It is also a widely used and developed advanced processing method at home and abroad.

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