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In the optical fiber communication system, since the length of the optical fiber or optical cable is restricted by the optical fiber drawing process and the construction conditions of the optical cable, and the drawing length of the optical fiber is also limited (such as 1Km). Therefore, an optical fiber line may have the problem of connecting multiple optical fibers. Therefore, the connection between optical fibers and the connection and coupling between optical fibers and optical transceivers are indispensable for the use of passive components such as optical fiber connectors and couplers.

Optical fiber connectors are the most widely used optical passive components. The pins that realize optical fiber connections are important components of optical fiber connectors. The extremely high dimensional accuracy requirements make them the key technology of optical fiber connector production.

Classification of fiber optic connectors
According to the different transmission media, optical fiber connectors can be divided into silicon-based optical fiber single-mode and multi-mode connectors, and optical fiber connectors using plastics as the transmission medium;
According to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT, etc.
Fiber optic connectors are widely used and have a wide variety. In the application process, we generally distinguish according to the different structure of the fiber optic connector.

Here are some common fiber optic connectors:

1. FC type fiber optic connector
FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector, which indicates that the external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve and the fastening method is a turnbuckle.
2. SC fiber optic connector
Its shell is rectangular, and the structural dimensions of the pins and coupling sleeves used are exactly the same as those of the FC type.
3. Biconic Connector
It consists of two precision moulded cylindrical plugs with frusto-conical ends and a coupling assembly with a double-cone plastic sleeve inside.
4. MT-RJ type connector
5.LC type connector
The size of the pins and sleeves it uses is half the size used by ordinary SC, FC, etc., which is 1.25mm. This can increase the density of optical fiber connectors in the optical fiber distribution frame.
6.MU type connector
7. MC connector

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